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Last written passages Me It was not always thus. I remember my father telling me not to worry if someone appears who should not have. It was not... - daltonmark (10)
well if my day could get any weirder i would just shoot myself. first i witness a murder than 2 kidnapings. all i can say... - aforce (20)
Amazing terrifying story of dusty road Now, for my story it will blow your mind.. as the man walked up to me he told me to leave right away or else what happend... - atomaszewski (10)
ZOMBIE TOWN. all of the sudden, everyone in a town became a zombie. someone shouted, "RUN FOR YOUR LIVES!" so everyone did. ... - mspringer (20)
continued passage for man this is really killing me ,... other side of the shack to cut the rope off jackie. She was so scared she was trembling with fear as i tried to cut the rope... - twila (78)
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